Jessica's blog rules & commenting policy

First of all: I love comments and encourage dialogue. I appreciate any time you spend here, reading and sharing your ideas and feedback. Thank you to everyone who comments!

Now for some ground rules...

  • This is my personal blog. NOT the Southborough School Committee blog. There isn't such a thing. All blog posts are my thoughts and opinions, and do not represent the thoughts and opinions of anyone else on the School Committee or in the administration. Also, please keep in mind that to avoid any potential Open Meeting Law violations, other SSC members will not be commenting on this blog. If you want to know what another committee member thinks about an issue, please contact that person!
  • Be kind. Let those two words guide you in your commenting. People can debate and disagree, but being mean or rude is not allowed. If you wouldn't say it to your grandma's face, don't write it here.
  • All comments are moderated. That means they won't post immediately. I need to approve comments before they post. If your comment slanders someone or is downright mean, it's not going to get posted. Comments that are solely promotional in nature are also not allowed.
  • Speak up! Your voice is important. You elected me, and I represent you. I want to hear your concerns about and your goals for Southborough’s schools. This blog is my way of encouraging open dialogue and helping you to feel like you know what your School Committee is up to. So please, leave a comment! I'll reply!

When I ran for School Committee in the spring of 2018, I made it clear that I know that the School Committee represents the public’s voice in education. It should be accessible to you and represent what the schools need and the community wants. And it should be easy for you to know what the School Committee is working on and for you to communicate with me, your representative.

This blog is one way I'm trying to make all that happen.

So don't be shy! Comment. Discuss. And keep in touch!

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